Monday 21st March – The Dentist


I went to the dentist again because my mouth had got more sore—not less sore—and my ear and the surrounding area had started to hurt, which strikes me as a bad sign. He had a look and said the wound site looked like it was healing well (he actually said it was healing especially fast and is about 40% covered over), but that having the root canal prep and then the extraction at the same time and site would likely exacerbate everything. He prescribed me some antibiotics and recommended Nurofen as it’s an anti-inflammatory.

He didn’t charge me anything.


I drove to Bronwen’s parents’ place to drop off some clothes for Bronwen, and then on to Silas’s place.

Tuesday 22nd March – London has Fallen


I worked.


Bronwen and I saw the movie “London has Fallen” at South Bank Cineplex. It was quite bad, but it was also quite interesting having seen the security in place during the G20 here in Brisbane to be able to say that the security and over-the-top Hollywood effects in the movie were, in this case, nowhere near as paranoid as they are in reality.