Computer Parts

Monday 1st February


I went for a late night walk.

Tuesday 2nd February

I bought a tiny yoghurt apricot oat-y thing from the rip-off $2 tray and feel suitably ripped off.

Wednesday 3rd February


Ned is off to work.


Ned is at work. A big GAH to the two accidents on the inner-city bypass, and an even larger GAH to the third accident bringing Kingsford Smith to a standstill. Two smaller, but equally emphatic GAH’s to the garbage truck stopping across the entire backstreet I decided to escape down, and to the concrete truck, performing the eighteen point turn across the entire road, and a long, sigh-ful GAH to the thousands of horse trucks, presumably trucking horses, which all had to turn right across lanes of traffic in front of me.


Ned is eating muesli.


Ned has an entire Arnott’s Family Assorted biscuit packet to himself, but fears it may not be enough.


Ned eats a salad roll.


Ned had Thai, now full.


Ned is off to bed.

Thursday 4th February


Ned needs cheering up. Clint replies: “don’t buy fish and chips from a sign that isn’t in English. So much stomach pain.” Ned is now cheered up.


Ned ate Thai (the food, not the racial heritage), and is now at a loss.

Friday 5th February


Bronwen looking at a computerI picked Bronwen up from her work, drove to her parent’s place, got some computers, and mostly ignored her while she pulled them apart.

Late Night

I dropped Bronwen off at her parent’s place, then drove to Maz’s, where I stayed until it was quite late, not getting to bed until around four o’clock.

Saturday 6th February


I had a lazy morning.


Maz dropped past, but otherwise, I’ve had a lazy, uneventful afternoon.