Monday 17th February – Military Wives


I spent the day at home

Garden City

Bronwen and I drove to Garden City and saw “Military Wives”, which Bronwen had got free tickets to somehow. It wasn’t my style of movie, but was entertaining nonetheless.

Bronwen’s Parents’ Place

After the movie we drove to Bronwen’s parents’ place (they are still at Stradbroke) and spent the night there, as Bronwen had to do things at her commercial property in the morning.

Tuesday 18th February – Bronwen’s Parents’ Place

Bronwen’s Parents’ Place

We spent the morning at Bronwen’s Parents’ Place as Bronwen had to meet her tenant’s potential sub-tenants.


Bronwen and I drove home via ALDI.


I spent the rest of the day at home.

Wednesday 19th February – Thunderstorm

Coronavirus Queensland

The eight-year-old boy from Wuhan becomes Queensland's first COVID-19 patient to recover and leave hospital on the Gold Coast.

A Sunshine Coast man aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked off Yokohama in Japan is among the Australians onboard who have tested positive for coronavirus.


I went to the supermarket.


There was a thunderstorm.

Lightning Lightning Lightning Lightning Lightning

Thursday 20th February – Nando’s

Coronavirus Queensland

Queensland Health says anyone who has been to China in the last 14 days and feels unwell should see their doctor.


I worked from home.


I drove in to Bronwen’s work to pick her up, then drove Nando’s with Maz, and then on to Maz’s place.

Friday 21st February – Home


I spent the day at home.