Monday 14th September – Shopping

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 176

1,149 cases: 0 new, 30 active. The WHO reports the largest single-day rise in cases worldwide.


Bronwen and I drove down to the grocery shops in the afternoon.

Tuesday 15th September – Compost Aerator

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 177

1,150 cases: 1 new (overseas arrival already in quarantine), 31 active.

ALDI and Bunnings

Bronwen and I drove to ALDI to buy soft drink, and Bunnings to buy a compost aerator.

Wednesday 16th September – House Sales

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 178

1,149 cases: 0 new, 28 active.

House Looking

After a quiet day at home Bronwen and I wandered up to have a look at two houses for sale nearer the mountain—George had apparently been interested in one of them.

After that we went for a walk up Mt Gravatt.

Thursday 17th September – Home

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 179

1,150 cases: 1 new (a contact of a known case, in quarantine), 27 active. Restrictions eased on the Gold Coast and Darling Downs (from 10 to 30 people allowed to gather; visitors again allowed in aged care homes)


Bronwen and I worked from home, walking down to the shops at night.