Friday 26th March

apt6Well, not much to report today. Friday should be a day filled with joy, as people realise they have the weekend to do whatever it is they like to do when they’re not working—which is in itself quite depressing really. We spend most of our lives sleeping or working, in order to enjoy the small remainder where we can do things we “enjoy”, but even then, the temporal nature of reality down here is going to swipe that fleeting moment of enjoyment right away, and replace it with the never-ending desire for more.

apt6I got to work about five minutes late, which annoyed me—after getting in trouble for being late yesterday, I made a point of leaving earlier. Getting to work normally takes around fifteen minutes, up to twenty. This morning it took over half an hour. It’s also far more dangerous sticking strictly to the speed limit—it’s preventing me from driving according to the prevailing traffic. It’s quite stressful too—apt6nothing like being in the right lane, with angry drivers right behind wondering why the fool in front is sticking to the speed limit, and being unable to merge into the left lane—because it’s going too much faster, and to do so would require me breaking the speed limit myself. It’s absurd, and extremely frustrating.

I was fine up until I got home. Then I had a small sucky episode, where I didn’t feel like doing anything, but eventually I went for a walk up to Bronwen’s parent’s place, had a chat, walked back home, relaxed for a bit, and went to bed, feeling much cheerier.


Saturday 27th March – Earth Hour


apt6Bronwen and I drove out to Bunnings, where I forgot to even look for pot plant holders, but Bronwen did buy some stuff to make white ants angry.


apt6Bronwen and I drove up Mount Coot-Tha, to watch the lights turn off for Earth Hour, however nothing really turned off. I suspect the whole Earth Hour thing is more negative than positive for its cause really.


I and Bronwen attended Hungry Jacks, and bought there food for consuming, and consumed therein.


Sunday 28th March – APT6


I slept in, then walked to the bakery—which was out of iced coffee—so ended up at Cold Rock. Cold Rock, it turns out, wasn’t a very good breakfast.


apt6Bronwen and I drove to South Bank and wandered through the Gallery of Modern Art, having a look at the APT6 displays. Quite impressive. We then walked to the Broadway Mall, where I ate lots of pasta and Bronwen ate curry, before she went to work and I walked back to the car, drove home, and made myself an iced coffee to ward off the afternoon sleepies. Not looking forward to getting up at half past three or something absurd like that tomorrow morning.


apt6Kara arrived, we drove up to Maz’s, got Maz—who has pulled the console out of his car so can’t drive—and drove to Halim’s Indian Taj, where we had a lovely curry. I may have accidentally eaten a little pre-dinner of my flatmate’s yummy dinner… somewhat dampening my appetite. After arriving home, I blew up the air mattress, and Kara slept on it in the lounge room.

Monday 29th March


apt6 - guitarsI woke up, showered, and got ready for work. Kara was already up. We left around four o’clock, somewhat spectacularly in Kara’s case—missing the bottom step on her way out and investigating the garden a lot closer than she’d planned, as well as hurting her ankle a little. The drive to the airport to drop Kara to her flight was very boring—not being able to speed at all, when there’s no traffic, on a nice, wide, multi-lane road, does seem wrong. It was quite wet and rainy and slippery though.


I got home again. I’d planned to go into work early, but driving past work in the dark made me think… of bed.


apt6 - guitarAfter a little, somewhat fitful, sleep, I was again driving towards the airport, this time stopping at work. Frustratingly, I was five minutes late, despite my best efforts and leaving earlier—traffic was bad. It was raining, so perhaps that’s why. Or it could be because it’s Brisbane, and everyone got their licences in a box of weeties.


I forgot that I’d not only brought left over curry to work for lunch—I’d also brought in two different sorts of yummy leftover pasta, and instead bought the same old boring salad roll that I always get, and ate it in the same boring way I always do.


apt6 - guitarsI drove home—not exceeding the speed limit—went for a short walk with Valerie, ate some chocolate ice cream to counteract the walk, and settled back into an armchair to watch the world pass. I’d normally settle into gloom, but as of yesterday, I’ve decided to be positive about everything, and see how that works. I’m now going to head off to meet Maz on his walk back from the city. In a positive way.


I walked back from halfway to the city with Maz, then drove to Maz’s place and finished off leftover curry from last night. Now quite full. It also seems to be midnight, so off to bed I am.

apt6 - vase

Tuesday 30th March


I drove up to the German Bakery, bought some German bread from the German girls for the German girls, then drove to work, arriving just on time.


After a hard day’s work, I drove home—running a little low on fuel and arriving at a service station with only six kilometres of fuel left. I’m unsure just how accurate the remaining fuel measure is, so it’s a bit worrying once the needle moves below empty.


I drove to the old museum and got Kara. Bronwen had arrived by the time I got home. We were all quite hungry, but being nearly ten o’clock, there wasn’t much still open. Fortunately, Windmills Pizza was, and was quite yummy too.


Wednesday 31st March


I drove to work with Kara, arriving just on time.


I drove to the doctor for my sore eye follow up, then to pathology to be spiked and have my arm made sore for the rest of the day.


I am glad it’s a short week this week, I’m just not feeling fantastically motivated for some reason. My satisfaction and happiness levels are not peaking, so to speak.


I just finished the last of my 140 peppermint creams. What a sad day!


I drove home, having had to stay back a little—just a little, but a frustrating little—late because of couriers’ inept inability to perform their job. Once home, I proceeded to fail in my newly acquired “positive attitude”, instead having a fairly crap evening walking and feeling sorry for myself.


I picked up Bronwen from a UQ lecture at Custom’s House, and went to bed—unfortunately without time to have dinner.