Nedmartin’s Dot Org v1

Sadly, a lot of the code from my original attempt at a website has been lost. However, there are a few surviving snippets, which I’ve collected here.

The oldest surviving part of my site, as far as I am aware, is captured in The Internet Archive from 21 May, 2002, back when it was hosted on my free Bigpond hosting (

journal v1

This is my first “proper” attempt at putting my journal online. There was an even older copy, but sadly it’s been lost—though there is a slightly older front page still there. This largely predates the development of the site, and was originally hosted on free hosting provided with my internet plan from Telstra (at, then later, when I bought my own hosting, under the site. Fairly soon after buying my own hosting, and gaining support for server-side technologies such as PHP, I developed a new, dynamic journal, along with an entirely new style.

For comparison, see the newer journal v2 and even newer journal v3.

Amused v1

The front page of my amused site, circa 2002.

For comparison, see the newer amused v2 and even newer amused v3.

public v1

Here is the first version of my public file repository—something I built to store a collection of random things I wanted to be online to show people, often just temporarily, and in no particular order. It still uses the original styling and design I used when I built the first iteration of my “complete” site, which was also the first dynamic website I had built. This iteration contained an amused section, an XML-driven journal section, and the public section shown here, all using the same styling.

For comparison, see the newer public file repository v2.